Zedar Technologies, Inc.

The Regency Spa Controller system consist of:


Control Panel:

The control panel is installed on the spa of 10 push buttons (keys) that are used to control pumps, air blower, lights and any other auxiliary equipment as well as to program the system. Some of its features are:
  • One 2 line 24 characters LCD display.
  • 10 momentary switches used to select operation as well as controller settings.

The Z-4052 (The Regency) Spa Controller is a micro-controller based system designed to provide the user with an efficient and effective way of managing their enjoyment time while using a spa. It has been designed to provide the user with maximun flexibility during spa use by allowing easy system programming that requires minimum effort. However, it will allow the user to programm the inner workings of the spa if it is choosen to.


The system configuration presented in this document is only one of the many it could be provided.          


We are looking to establish business relationships with either Distributors or Companies for this or any new products.
Relay Board:
This board has been designed for installation below the Spa' skirt. It provides the user with the following features:
 Operating Temperature:
                                    -20 C to 85 C.
Storage Temperature:
                                   -30 C to 85 C.                                         Manual