Zedar Technologies, Inc.

Zedar Technologies, Inc. is involved in the design and manufacture of traffic controllers and accessories that satisfy a large number of specifications including The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) of the United States of America.            


We are looking to establish business relationships with either Distributors or Companies for this or any new products.
Z-3521 Traffic Controller.
The Z-3521 traffic controller is a micro-controller based system that gives the user flexibility to configure as a master or local control through the use of the keypad in front of the system. It complies with NEMA standard TS1 and TS2 timing functions.
User- friendly menu driven software makes the Z-3521 controller very easy to program as well as easy to upgrade for any future compliance with NTCIP standards, it is fully modular, with separate printed circuit borads for display, control, inputs/outputs and power supply.This architecture makes this system easy to install, test, maintain and repair
Z-3041 NEMA TS2 Modular Cabinet.
This cabinet simplifies the integration of all the components that constitute a traffic controller station allowing for easy installation and trouble-shooting all the equipment used.
This new generation of cabinets utilizes modules and an innovative way of wiring that allows installation or replacement of any of the components in the cabinet easily. All of the voltages used in the system are distributed using terminals, making easy for future expansion as well as reducing errors in wiring during installation.
The use of connectors  instead of point to point connections allows for easy wiring changes during installation.
Traffic Signals.
Zedar Technologies, Inc. 8 and 12 inches traffic signals have been designed to satisfy a broad number of specifications including the latest of the Institute of Transportation Engineer (ITE).
These signals are made of 100% polycarbonate, each traffic signal consist of a number of identical rigid sections that present a continous and pleasing appearence. Each section has been build using temperature stabilized polycarnonate, each section is also resistant to humidity, dust and vibration. Besides the standard green, yellow and red lamps, arrow indicator of the same colors could be provided.
Zedar Technologies, Inc. can supply you with either incadescent or LED modules.
The use of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) allows the traffic signal a more uniform dispersion of light, as well as substantial savings in energy and maintenance, since they consume as much as 80% less electricity and have longer life expectancy than incandescent lamps.